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Daniel Levin, Improv Solo Cello, May 2009 NYC

July 22, 2009

at the Brecht Forum, New York City, May 24, 2009

Video excerpt courtesy Robert O’Haire, Straw2Gold Pictures

In this clip, Daniel Levin conjures up a dramatic monologue-by-cello that defies easy categorization, as he intuits the swoops and dives of slavic folk and 20th-century classical works; the sly boundings of bebop; and surprise attacks that keep you on a knife’s edge.

Daniel Levin was born in 1974 in Burlington, Vermont. He began playing the cello at age six. He has performed and/or recorded with Billy Bang, Warren Smith and Ken Vandermark, among many others.

“Levin has a sound that ranges from subtle and understated to aggressive; with admirable technique as a performer and a compositional concept that blends structure with freewheeling exploration, he deserves to have his name added to the short list of cellists who are making a mark in improvised music.”

~ John Kelman, All About Jazz Magazine


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