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’80s Classic Trax go Ragtime

July 31, 2009

New York City pianist Scott Bradlee channels Scott Joplin for a medley of ’80s hits. Ridiculously entertaining.

On Scott’s blog, aptly titled Points of Convergence, he writes:

This piece has a long history.  I began playing an approximate version of this almost 10 years ago, only with classic rock songs such as “Stairway to Heaven” instead of 80’s tunes.   I was playing with a band at bars in Connecticut, still underage, and I found that interpreting these classic rock chestnuts as stride piano pieces caused a stir.  To be accurate, it was pretty polarizing;  People either loved it or hated it.  ”Freebird” is gospel to some folks, and to them, desecrating it in such a manner was blasphemy.

This current reincarnation came about as I was promoting New Arts NYC’s “New Arts in the Park” concert.  My original idea was to cover 40 songs (!!), but that ran wayyyy too long, so I settled on 10. I made the video hastily, listing the songs I wanted to cover on a piece of paper in sharpie (said paper can be seen to my left in the video), and improvising the whole thing off the top of my head. Normally, I’d do a few takes of something like this, but I felt that my neighbors were patient enough with me as it was.  I slapped a title on it and threw it online.

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