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Physics OMG WTF

August 1, 2009

lightIf you’ve kept up with your physics, you know that light can be slowed down from 186,000 miles per second to, oh, around 40MPH – if you’ve got a supercold atomic substrate handy, that is. What’s really interesting is that

• light can leave “fingerprints”

• these fingerprints can be transferred, ergo

• light can exist as matter

• light is information

• light-to-matter communication systems become a theoretical possibility

Look, I know I can get a little bit carried away from time to time. Carry enthusiasms, expostulate on grandiose terms. But this is from Lene Hau, the scientist who slowed light down to rush-hour speeds, and it’s in the Harvard Gazette. Take a look, if you don’t believe me.

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