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The Wide, Wide World of Sports

February 18, 2010

Skrnsson is hoping for double gold in the Sideways Gavaartschenkoffer

NBC, in a display of ineptitude far exceeding LateNitePocalypse, is once again blundering the Winter Olympics. Its jingoism has no bounds – obscuring the obscurer feats of sporting derring-do we culturally deprived Americans deserve.

I’m glad The Daily Mash has taken up the slack. Without it, we would never know that Rinsu Skrnsson took gold in the Skjord!

It completed a day of mixed fortunes for the Finns after Hedia Trykkso and Bippi Hylvs were disqualified from the Chamsark Ice Fluting after a flagrant triple byerk.

I must admit, however, that despite my stay at the Torvill & Deanery, I prefer my summertime sports. I am reminded of my heady days on Oxford lawns, idly whiling away my hours with the English national pastime, jiskefet.

On this clip, it’s essential to read the excellent colour commentary by armchair jiskefetters throughout Britain:

caesarjergens (1 week ago) 
I was quite pleased with the footswing around 3:10 which is reminescent of the classic swing perfected by Macculhan in the championship of 1958. It’s a bit of pity nobody else commented on it as everyone is more focused on the fringing of the ring.
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