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About Us


a scene of uproar and confusion,
a.k.a. chaos.
You know, recent history.


They called me mad,
and I called them mad,
and damn them,
they outvoted me.

~ Nathaniel Lee, 17th century English playwright, a 5-years’ prisoner of the
Bedlam Royal Hospital for the Mentally Ill

The Bedlam Review

Welcome to our Wampeter.
We’re trying to put things together.
We’ll surf the web’s Foma,
pop some Granfalloons,
and spin some webs of our own.

We’re an arts and ideas blogzine for the 21st Century. We think there are an awful lot of spectacular ideas out there – and by ideas we mean works of Art and Reason, imaginative and multifaceted works throughout the humanities and sciences – bubbling like hot springs throughout all corners of the Web. We think they ought to be talking to each other, seeking an answer to the following question:

In a hypertechnologized, hyper-real, information-overloaded state of contemporary existence – in this epoch of intense flux and re-constitution ––:   what is useful, and what is necessary, for us to be educated, wise, generous and just HUMAN BEINGS? – in our fully corporatized personae; in our technologized consciousness; in our intellectual networks, fragmented by discipline – in the wastes of our castles, through which the hot air does blow –––––

We believe that Baudrillard was wrong: we do not, today, live in a desert of the real, but in a rainforest of mind. A dense jungle, of infinite complexity but of organically ordered growth; a delicate and rare network of imaginative ecosystems – newly emerging mammals, foraging between the dinosaur bones, enlarging the braincase, learning to wield fire. We seek those rare species, and unusual, imaginative ecosystems interested in a cooperative evolution of interdisciplinary techné (ancient Greek for “art, skill, craft”) under the episteme of enlightened chaos’ and organicism expressed by digital creativity. We’re interested in creating A POETICS OF INFORMATION for our era: by associations of Ideas.

And leaps of Imagination.

We seek epiphanies, surprising discoveries, and interdisciplinary connections – rigorously considered and artfully rendered. We like polyvalance, palimpsests, sexy geekery, and wit. We delight in collage, intelligent mash-ups, intertextuality, and wild experiments with language. We find wisdom in myths, fables, themes and aesthetics. We entertain ideas, because ideas entertain us. We like to hear that music: but we want some jazz with our techno –


We believe in bass treble vocal. We believe that tone is narrative. We like to laugh on the broadband and we believe in the Renaissance.

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