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On the Mic

Founder and Editor David Schneider lives in New York City. He is a columnist on language, politics and society at, and was a music and restaurant critic for the Chicago alternative press. He is a media curator for Energy Inside, a marketing writer for niche industries, and is completing a book on American politics, media and culture. In 2008 he collaborated with filmmaker Jeff Burns on “When History Attacks,” a series of video collages on current affairs. He is a 1996 graduate of Oxford University with an M.A. in English literature.

Managing Editor Cat Gilbert is an artist and filmmaker in New York City. She and Jeff Burns (below) are the provocateurs behind Gratuitous Art Films, which are exactly what they sound like. Titles include “The Cow and the Hotplate,” and “Fear Nazi Buttons.”

Senior Designer Andy Lachance is a photographer, web designer, and graphic artist living in Seattle, Washington. He perfected the look of The Boy Bedlam Review, and creates album covers and flyers for the Brooklyn-based, space-funk jam band The Pimps of Joytime. He plays a mean guitar, and a couple of his compositions are featured in “When Midnight Comes.” (He’d really like a mandolin, however.) He’s a 2002 graduate of NYU with a degree in music technology. His beard abides.

Editor-at-Large Jeff Burns is an independent filmmaker in Greenwich Village. Born in Buxton, Maine, he studied music at the University of Maine, then moved to New York City in the wake of 9/11. He directed the 2005 feature film “That’s Beautiful Frank” (currently in post-production)¬† starring Edgar Oliver and Michael Laurence. He is currently sound-designing a feature comedy, and locking picture on the upcoming release “Going to the Center,” focusing on trumpet legend Bill Dixon. He conceived and produced the “When History Attacks” series.

Aaron Howard is a 33-year-old artist whose works frequently appear on this site, lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with two cats, six typewriters and about 10 fishtanks. His visual work, mainly a combination of abstract watercolor and collage, seeks to find and preserve “that which is necessary.” For the last five years or so, his main ongoing project, “Pages from the 9th Edition,” has manipulated leaves from several volumes of a 19th-century Encyclopedia Britannica he found one day in the trash. His Oilcan Press publishes artistic chapbooks by New York poets Edgar Oliver and Steve Delachinsky. He records typewriter music and plays hockey.

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