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From The Fragment Torch: Essays 2001-2008

Thursday, January 26, 2006

We must gather the courage to be 21st-century Human Beings. I believe we must accept the wonders of our time and gratify the beauty in them, and I believe we must accept the horrors and the lies of our time, and find means to outshoot them, leap beyond them, and write our own narratives, not merely counter or oppose the one before us, not continue to insist that this era represents an errant bubble, a split arrow of time bent from its honest trajectory. But let us say instead, that we have lived the last five years mute blank and blanketed within an unnatural continuation, an unnatural bleeding of the 20th century into the 21st. It is time to shake this off, and to know ourselves as fundamentally different conceptions of humanity, ready to become this Human ascendant, treading warily between the tribal apes we once were, and are continually threatened by still; and the cyborgs we yet might become, and will be threatened by soon. We require a new system of ethics and morality, we require new considerations of religion. For the ones we have today are ancient, and appear ineffectual for creating positive and rewarding lives, and for the perpetuation of the species.


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